Fun Winter Activities For Children:

Let the Learning Begin!

Fun winter activities for children encourage learning and exploration even during the winter months. The holidays have come and gone and life settles back to "normal". So now what...? Well, check out some of these great ideas to reconnect with your preschooler.

There's no time like the present to explore nature, expand creativity, and develop young minds. Not to mention, making life-long memories.

Winter themes can enhance alphabet activities, math skills, crafting projects and music activities. Challenge your child with these great activities and enjoy!

Our winter activities are designed to be fun for the whole family. Each preschool activity comes with a list of what you need and specific directions for completion.

I have also included a teaching tips section. The teaching tips are ideas for teaching across the curiculum. There might be ideas for language development, vocabulary development, pre-math skills, pre-reading skills and the list goes on.You can take these ideas and incorporate them into each activity to make a well rounded learning experience.

The preschool arts and crafts projects are easy and quick to complete. Most of the free craft ideas do not require specialty items. If you do not have an item listed use what you have around the house. Or let your little one help you come up with ideas of other items you can use besides the ones listed.

Check out these family fun activities:

Preschool Arts and Crafts for Winter Fun:

1. Cottonball Snowman Picture

2. Nature Snowman Picture

3. Paper Plate Snowman Face

4. Toilet Paper Tube Snowman

5. Winter Glove Card

6. Cotton Ball Snow Name Picture

7. Winter Nature Crayon Rubbing

8. Winter Nature Collage

Winter Preschool Music and Poems:

1. Snowman Song

2. Snowman Poems

3. Hot Cocoa Song

4. Hot Cocoa Poem

AND...what could be more fun than having a Fabulous Hot Chocolate Party!

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