Spring Activities

Fun Ideas for Preschooler This Spring

Spring field flowers for preschool activities

Spring is a time for growth and discovery. Spring activities will help you on your journey making new memories with your preschooler. This is a wonderful time to be outside. There is a wealth of knowledge to be learned from observing the different faces of spring time.

Teaching about life and growth is easy in the spring. Point out the new buds on the trees and explain that these will grow into leaves. Look at the flowers blooming. You can talk about how the plants need water and sunlight to grow. Watch the birds as they start heading north and introduce terms like flock. Look at a picture of a bird and discuss the different parts such as wing and beak. Like I said, spring offers a wonderful opportunity to expand your preschoolers vocabulary, understanding of life concepts and observation skills.

Let your imagination guide you as you and your little one discover the wonders of spring time.

Check out our activities to supplement the skills you are teaching this spring. I will be adding more activities throughout the coming weeks so visit often to see what is new in this section.

Crafting is a natural part of a preschooler's life. Our spring crafts, like paper flower art and cloud shape art , are simple and require few materials. They can be completed in a matter of minutes. When you are pressed for time, simple children's crafts are a great way to squeeze in some quality time with your preschooler. Don't forget to display your child's art work when finished. This gives them a sense of pride which is vital to their self-esteem. It also shows them that you are proud of what they created.

Don't Forget Mother's Day when doing spring activities. Make that special "MOM" a Mother's Day Card and add a special Mother's Day Poem.

Remember let your preschooler participate as much as possible in these activities. This helps them develop creativity and problem solving skills. Most of our project pictures are child produced so you have a better idea of what to expect.

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