Preschool Science Activities:

A World of Discovery

These preschool science activities are geared toward developing your preschooler's observation skills. You will find helpful teaching tips with each fun science activity. I loved science in school and I hope through these activities you and your child will feel learning science is fun.

The preschool years are years of discovery and observation. You will find your child is thirsty for knowledge at this age. I have found with my child she is a sponge for learning and we are amazed at what she has learned and how quickly she learns new skills and concepts.

Most of our activities can be carried through to many other areas of learning. For example, with some of our fun science projects you might be exploring new vocabulary, basic concept skills or simple math skills. In the teaching world this is called across curriculum teaching. This is a wonderful way to enrich your child's knowledge base.

Science at the preschool level deals with the basics of observation, exploration and some experimentation. I hope you enjoy our science activities.

Nature Activities:

Nature Snowman
Nature Collage
Crayon Leaf Rubbing

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