Fun Preschool Activities:
Taking Education to the Fun Zone

Fun preschool activities helps tame the “I’m bored!” “I don’t wanna do this!” “This is hard!” phrases.

As a mom, and a pediatric speech-language pathologist, these can be common phrases coming from the preschool children in my life and perhaps yours too. I’m always trying to come up with interactive and engaging preschool activities beyond the typical sit and do this worksheet method of learning. I find this keeps children interested and engaged. When a child is excited and engaged, learning a new concept is Fun!

Kid's just want to have Fun!

Unfortunately, It's not all fun and games.  Our current culture places a ton of stress on young children to succeed in the world of academics. My goal is for all the children in my life to reach their full potential in this high stakes academic world. The information here should help preschool aged children gain a more solid foundation.

But... The good News! Learning can still be fun and games...think back to your school experience. Do you remember the best parts of school? Was it worksheets? I didn't think so. I'm was a school nerd and loved school...but even I don't think about the worksheets. I think of the fun creative projects, the experiments, hands on learning.

That's what I want for our kids...hands on learning. Where everyone is engaged. I want to share with you kid approved games, art projects, songs, rhymes, and other fun preschool activities that will help advance your child’s current skill level so they are ready to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. They'll be so busy having fun and exploring the world around them, they won't even realize they are learning.

We've focused on many of the preschool activities, but my child is not "getting it".

Each child has specific learning styles where they perform the best and  each child should have the opportunity to learn at his or her own pace. We'll talk about learning styles a little more later. If we push a child to quickly, things become too hard and they become frustrated. If we push too slowly, our children loose interested and become bored. It’s our job to find the learning styles and speed where the children in our lives learn best.

If your child appears frustrated with a particular concept, step back and evaluate.

  • Do they have the foundation for this concept? If you want them to count to 10...can they count to 5?
  • Do they need a break? You've worked on the color RED for 30 minutes...little bodies have a very short attention span. Make sure they have frequent breaks, whether they need to get up and move, or need to focus their mind on a different concept, or need to go and play.
  • Do they need to learn it in a different manner? You've shown them the letter A and looked for the letter A in different books and they still don't know A, maybe they need to feel a sandpaper A or write it with shaving cream.
  • Do they need more time with the concept? This concept maybe a little harder to grasp and they may just need a little more time to figure it out.

We're All in this Together

My hope for this site is to provide you, whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, friend, teacher, or anyone involved in a child's life, with

  • fun  preschool activities on a budget
  • advice for increasing your child's skills
  • teaching strategies
  • information about current academic standards

We all have different levels of expertise in many areas and can benefit from the knowledge of others. So, I encourage you to share your thoughts, ideas, experience, and ways to improve this site in the different comment sections throughout

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