Preschool Summer Activities:

Beat the Summer Boredom Blues!

Let's look at some fun preschool summer activities. Summer is a favorite time of year for many, but if your like me when the thermostat hits 112 like it has this summer...outside is not where I want to be.

Sometimes it's hard to come up with ideas that keeps the kids engaged and active. Yes, with the heat like it's been this summer...we have watched our fair share of movies. (I get Mom of the Year for that!)

Preschool Games


My preschooler loves bring out the board games...or make a few of your own for summer fun and learning activities.

Some thoughts here would be:

1. Cut out 4 sets of matching shapes like circle, square, triangle, rectangles glue them to index cards and now you have your own set of "Shapes Go-Fish".

2. Cut out the letters in the word SUMMER hide them in a room or around the house, turn off the lights, grab a flashlight for a fun game of "Summer Hide and Seek".

3. Grab a piece of card stock, draw a board game trail, color it in, some button markers, dice and you've got your own board game.

Circle Shape Art

My little one likes to do "projects". In her world that usually involve cutting and gluing. This fun preschool summer activity includes both of those skills and she completed all the steps by herself.

What you will need:

1. Construction Paper: five different colors

2. Scissors

3. Glue

4. Pencil

5. Round Cup

Preschool Shape Art

What You Do:

1. Trace the small end of the cup several times on 3 of the colors. This will make up the petals and stem.

2. Trace the large end of the cup one time on the fourth color. This will make up the center of the flower.

Preschool Tracing Circles

4. Cut out all the circles.

5. Talk about how the circles should be arranged to make a flower.

6. Glue the circles on the last piece of paper.

7. If you have left over pieces, see what else you can make. (Mine made a snowman)

Preschool Circle Shape Art

Preschool Flower Art

Water Fun

We love water on a hot day...if you don't have access to a pool that can be a little challenging. We are under a water ration here so I haven't gotten out the sprinkler either, but we do have a water table.

You can make your own water summer activity by grabbing a shallow plastic tub, bath toys,measuring cups, find a shady spot and start splashing. As a reminder, use sunscreen and don't leave children unattended in water, drowning can happen in a matter of minutes.

Preschool Water Fun


The kitchen offers a wealth of summer fun and learning.

Soap Bubbles:

1/2 cup Joy or Dawn liquid detergent

5 cups water

2 tablespoons glycerine (Don't have's ok...just makes the bubbles a little stronger)

Mix and let set a couple of hours...grab your bubble blowing wands and have fun!


I found these two great websites that have many different play dough recipes I thought you might enjoy exploring in your search for preschool summer activities. Play Dough Recipe 1 Play Dough Recipe 2


We can't forget the importance of reading. Reading expands the imagination and your child's vocabulary. One fun book for summer is Hit the Ball Duck.

This is about a duck who is going to play the sport of However, he gets the ball stuck in a tree. It is great fun to see how he chooses to get the ball down. This book teaches team work, making choices, summer vocabulary. It has bright vivid pictures. A great find for summer reading.

I hope you are enjoying your summer. Maybe some of our preschool summer activities can help you answer the dreaded "What can I do now?" question.

summer fun activities for kids

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