Snowman Art:

Discovering Winter Nature

This fun snowman art activity starts with a nature walk. For this winter outdoor activity, grab a small bucket, put on your coats and head outside. During your walk talk about the nature in your area. My little girl and I talked about the leaves have falling off the trees, grasses going to seed, and squirrels gathering nuts.

Find treasures to put in your bucket and talk about what part of the snowman you'll use each item for. For example, we talked about using sticks for arms and acorns for eyes.

Winter art activities encourage learning and exploration even during the winter months. So don't forget to check out the teaching tips after the project directions. The tips will help you expand this winter activity into a complete lesson for your child. It's so much fun and very rewarding to teach while having fun.

Have fun creating and learning and of course enjoying your child.

Remember...when creating with your child let them take the lead. Let your preschooler create in their own special way. This will allow them to develop their creative side which is a necessary skill for problem solving. Help them when needed of course, but do not take over. Yes, this can be a hard skill to master and I remind myself to do the same when I sit down to a craft project with my own child.

nature snowman art

Nature Snowman:

Supplies Needed:

Outdoor treasures



Crayons, markers, colored pencils

1. Draw outline of snowman

2. Glue outdoor treasures inside snowman outline

3. Let dry

Teaching Tips:

1. Explore new vocabulary with your child: snowman, leaves, tree bark, acorn, body parts

2. Talk about shapes. Draw the snowman hand-over-hand with your child and discuss circles and the concept of round. Find other round objects in your home.

3. Count eyes, arms, etc.

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