Snowman Poems:

Fun and Learning for the Whole Family

Struggling with the winter blues? Try some simple snowman poems and spend quality time with your little one.

These poems are great way to teach body parts, simple science concepts, rhyming skills, basic math concepts, vocabulary, etc. Don't forget to check out the teaching tips following these fun poems. They will help you incorporate different teaching moments while having fun with your preschooler.

My Snowman

I made a little snowman who looks like me.

He has two eyes so he can see.

A button nose so he can smell.

A mouth to say "Are you well?"

Two sticks for arms so he can hug...

And wave to me or give a shrug.

When the sun comes out he'll go away.

Maybe it will snow another day.

The Happy Snowman

My snowman is a happy fellow

with a scarf that's soft and yellow.

His button eyes and silly grin

make me wonder where he's been.

Teaching Tips:

1. Talk about new vocabulary: scarf, shrug, fellow

2. Talk about how snow melts.

3. Talk about the concepts cold/hot and find things that are cold/hot.

4. Experiment with an ice cube and show how it melts with heat (use sun, hair dryer, hot water, hands, etc) Talk about how these things are warmer than the ice cube and so it melts.

5. Talk about body parts

6. Add movement to the poems (point to body parts as they are being said)

7. Draw a snowman

8. Talk about where the snowman might have been

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