Valentine Day Activity:

A Special Valentine Cup for the Party

Use this special Valentine Day activity on the day of your Valentine Party. Children will love drinking from this cup because they made it.

This was a very simple crafting activity. My little one was able to complete all of it herself. This activity goes well with a set of valentine activities found with the Valentine Tea Party and it is also used in another valentine crafting project Valentine Bouquet.

My daughter really completed this on her own. She pulled the paper off of her stickers which is good motor skill practice. She was determined to do it herself. I guess we are at the age of discovering independence.

Remember let your preschooler participate as much as possible. This helps them develop creativity and problem solving skills. Most of our project pictures are child produced so you have a better idea of what to expect.

Valentine Party Ideas

What You Need:

1. Small Plastic Cup

2. Stickers (We used foam stickers.)

What You Do:

1. Decorate the cup with stickers

2. Use it to drink your Valentine's Day Drink

Teaching Tips:

1. Talk about colors

2. Count how many stickers

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