Preschool Math:

Learning Money Concepts

money concepts

Preschool math ideas for teaching money concepts are simple, inexpensive ways to introduce your little one to money concepts.

Learning money concepts is essential for everyday math skills. The sooner your little one can learn to appreciate money the easier it is to teach about money.

Preschool money skills are very basic skills. You will begin teaching money appreciation and money vocabulary.

preschool math

Money Appreciation:

Money appreciation is a relatively simple skill. You will need a place for your little one to keep loose change like a piggy bank or jar.

Whenever they find change put it in their bank. Sometimes we will leave loose change around for our daughter to find. She loves putting it in her piggy bank. When the piggy bank is full cash it in and let your child buy something with the money they saved.

This will help them to learn it is good to save their money.

learning money

Money Vocabulary:

At this level, you will teach the names of coins. Oklahoma standards suggest by kindergarten children should know penny, nickle, dime and quarter.

This is just teaching vocabulary. Try these fun preschool math ideas for teaching preschool money concepts:

1. When you put change into a piggy bank, tell your child what coins they have.

2. Put several of two different types of coins out (pennies/quarters), have your child find all the pennies, etc. When they know all four kinds of coins use all four types.

3. Place several coins on a table or in the floor. Tie a magnet to a wooden spoon, or other handle. Fish for coins. When you catch one say "I caught a ____________. "(penny, nickle, dime or quarter).

After your child knows what the coins are, take their vocabulary further and teach the values of the coins. When you do the above activties add, for example, a penny is worth 1 cent.

They will not know what the value concepts for a while yet, but you are teaching them the vocabulary to learn those concepts faster. You are giving your child a strong foundation to build greater math success.

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