Preschool Ideas:

Number Recognition Made Fun!

Fun preschool ideas for teaching number recognition and number name skills, learn how to teach your child with minimal materials.

Beginning math skills also includes learning numbers. Oklahoma objectives recommend all preschool children know numbers 1-5 and kindergarten children know numbers 1-10.

Teaching your child number names now will help them build the stepping stones for higher level math skills.

Number names may seem like a very abstract task, but it is no different than showing a child a dog and teaching him the name for that creature is "dog". At this point, we are just teaching our children vocabulary. If your child can get the concept that a dog is called "dog" they can also grasp 1 is called "one".

Now...Let the Learning Begin!

learning numbers

Teaching number recognition skills is not a hard task. Consider some of these fun preschool ideas for helping your little one learn number names.

First I would like to suggest, if your child is just beginning to learn numbers, just focus on one number at a time. For example learn one new number per day or week.

1. Using hand-over-hand writing write the number together.

2. Make tactile numbers. Using beans, round cereal, buttons, yarn (whatever you have) glue the objects in the shape of the number. Once the glue has dried feel the number. When you have made several different numbers see if you can recognize the number just by feeling it.

3. Look through books and magazines to find the number you are focusing on teaching.

4. Look during your day to find your number, shopping is a great activity for finding numbers.

5. Combine counting skills with number recognition by counting to your number. Finding the right number of things to match your number. For example, if you are working on 5 find 5 buttons, 5 books, 5 pillows, 5 socks, etc.

6. Make cards out of index cards with numbers on them and match the numbers.

7. As your child progresses, add in the spelling with the number. Match the number with it's name 1 to one.

Teaching number names with these preschool ideas is simple and fun. Take you child down the road to success and begin teaching her basic math skills. Learning numbers is easy and doesn't have to cost a dime. Taking one number at a time and your child is on their way to solid number recognition.

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