Indoor Picnic Ideas:

Fun Indoor Activities for You and Your Preschooler

When thinking of fun picnic ideas, an indoor picnic for rainy days is a wonderful way to connect with your preschooler. Not to mention is a great way to spend a rainy, snowy, indoor afternoon. Of course, an indoor picnic doesn't have to be saved just for rainy days have fun with this anytime you want to create a special memory with your preschooler.

Preparing for an indoor picnic does not take a lot of planning. Make a few sandwiches, chips, cookies and drinks...or whatever you have handy, because you'll be inside. Turn off the TV, spread out a blanket or quilt on the floor, sit down and enjoy lunch together. You could even do this for a fun breakfast, or finger food dinner.

After your picnic, lounge on the floor and read some books together, play a child friendly board game, or color. The point is to spend some special time together.

Turning this activity in to a learning experience is easy too. As you put the food together for your picnic, let your little one help you pack lunch in sacks, make sandwiches, etc. You can discuss the types of food people take on picnics. You can plan ahead and let your preschooler help plan food or fun activities to do after the picnic.

If you don't have time to play games after you eat, that's OK. Just make the time you do have together stress-free and focus your full attention on your child. Quality time spent with your little one will create bonds in later years you both will appreciate.

If you enjoyed this activity, consider keeping an indoor picnic basket with fun plates and utensils just for your indoor picnics. That way your ready for a picnic anytime.

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