Needing a Little Christmas Fun?
Try A Christmas Ornament Craft Project

Try my free Christmas ornament craft projects to bring Christmas fun to your holidays. These ornaments are not only fun, but they are easy and perfect to create with your preschoolers.

Most of the projects can be completed with a few simple items. These kid tested Christmas art projects are designed to also be friendly on the pocket book. Many of the supplies can be found in or around your home.

My Christmas ornament craft projects also come with valuable information on enhancing learning as you create. One thing I’ve learned is everything you do with your preschooler is an opportunity to teach.

Check out one or all three of these great Christmas Crafts!

Please remember as you are creating let your child add his or her own style. This will encourage their creativity. Sometimes we want things to be ‘perfect’ and don’t let our kids have control. Yes, I can be bad about this, too. But, they will get so much more out of the activity if they do it themselves and I guarantee you’ll have fun too.

Mitten Ornaments

My daughter loves to trace her hand. She has a blast making these ornaments. When choosing your decorations keep in mind the age of the child or children you are working with. Then choose your decorations based on what they enjoy.



Paper, Felt, Fabric

Pen, Pencil, Marker (something to write with)

Ribbon, String


Decorations (stickers, colors, colored paper, glitter, pom-poms, paint, etc.)


1. Trace your child’s hand in a mitten shape on paper, felt, fabric, etc.

2. Cut out the mitten (depending on skill level you may need to do this step)

3. Decorate as desired

4. Cut or punch hole at the wrist of the mitten and tie ribbon/string in a loop (or glue to mitten)

5. Hang mitten and enjoy

Tips for Teaching:

1. Talk about the colors you are using, as you are making the mittens.

2. If you make several mittens, this would be a great time to count the mittens.

3. Talking about math would be appropriate too…”We have 5 mittens if I hang one up how many do we have? Let’s count…1, 2, 3, 4. We now have 4 mittens.”

Festive Streamers



Glue, stapler, tape

Empty toilet paper roll


Yarn, paper, ribbon (for streamers)

Decorations (stickers, colors, colored paper, glitter, pom-poms, paint, etc.)


1. Cover toilet paper tube with paper, paint, etc. (wrapping paper would work well.

2. Decorate tube as desired

3. Use yarn, paper or ribbon to make streamers and attach to the bottom of the tube.

4. Glue, tape, staple a loop of paper, ribbon or yarn to the top of the tube to hang up streamer.

5. Hang streamer and enjoy!

Tips for Teaching:

1. Make your streamers different lengths and talk about long and short.

2. This is an excellent time to talk about colors

3. Discuss the concept of “sticky” when using glue or tape.

Easy Ball Ornaments


Styrofoam Balls




Decorations (buttons, stickers, colors, colored paper, glitter, pom-poms, paint, etc.)


1. Decorate ball as desired

2. Attach a hang loop with ribbon/string

3. Hang and Enjoy!

Tips for Teaching:

1. Discuss round/circles/spheres. Talk about other objects that are round/circles/spheres. Your child’s developmental level will determine which concept you’ll discuss. For example, my daughter is 2, we would discuss round and circles. A 4-5 year old should be introduced to the term sphere.

2. This is also a good activity to talk about colors and counting.

I hope you have enjoyed these fun Christmas Ornament Craft Projects. If you would like more free kids craft projects subscribe to our E-Zine. It includes subscriber only articles, tips and ideas!

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